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Ceuta is a Spanish and European city in North Africa. The anchor point for an imaginary bridge that links two continents; natural shelter in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar, where the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet, it is a natural settling point for different civilisations and cultures.

It is precisely this character of a city open to the world that has led to Europeans, Africans and Asians living there today. The mixture of cultures and idiosyncrasies of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews constitute the principal communities in this cosmopolitan town, which lives by the creeds of respect and harmonious living.

Additionally, its size, its balance between city and forest areas, its beaches and its wonderful climate make it a fantastic place to visit and have fun. There are views to be admired (there are few places where you can view the lands of three nations and two continents at the same time) and an impressive cultural heritage, especially its military fortifications.

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A stone's throw from Andalusia and Morocco, we offer the chance to experience intercontinental travel.


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Ceuta, the Gateway to Africa, offers a different world within your reach.


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If you would like to take a day-trip to Morocco, we will provide you with information on how to do it.


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We offer all the information you need to get to know the City of today.



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